Caleb A. Getto

Caleb is an interdisciplinary artist working in printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing. Within these media, he explores how absence and presence store information while also investigating the body, mind, and personal memories both separately and in relation to one another. Thoughts and questions about secrets and facades occupy him regularly. He is from New England and currently studies in Providence at the Rhode Island School of Design where he is set to graduate in 2021 with a BFA in Printmaking.

Selected Works
909 Beaverhead Road

“As our bodies have skeletons so should our garden have a bony structure. It is only upon a firm foundation that the irregular growth of plant and tree can best clothe and deck the garden. Frilled edge of flower contrasts with severe edge of design … It was by reason of its severe underlying structure that the really old garden scored its success; for what could be more rigid than the walled garden, with the tight symmetry of espalier fruit trees, ruler straight lines of vegetable patch and unswerving order of box edging?”

Clare Leighton, Four Hedges

The Raised Garden Bed